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4 Tips for Setting SMART Digital Marketing Goals

by Kierstin Payne on May 21, 2019
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Admit it… most marketers don’t use goals.

We are creative people. Goals stifle our boundless creativity. A soul-sucking G O A L in my creative brief? Let the sales team set goals…

Never fear, we have a few savvy tips that will let you unleash your inner muse AND hit a KPI (sometimes even at the same time J).

Let’s get started…

What are SMART Goals?

If you aren’t using SMART goals, you’re missing out because SMART goals are game changing! Your goals should be:

  • Specific – A clearly defined goal is easier to achieve, and we all like easier.
  • Measurable – If you can measure it, you can manage it… so dust off those cool data dashboards.
  • Attainable – Unattainable goals are the path to failure, and who wants to fail?
  • Relevant – Sure, 50,000 retweets feels good, but are they helping the business?
  • Timely – Goals without deadlines languish at the bottom of your list (its human nature).Work with the Experts Unlock the Power of Digital Marketing

So, that’s SMART. Let’s look at how you can use them for digital marketing.

SMART Goals and Digital Marketing

Are you ready to fire up your digital marketing with SMART?

By using the SMART format you can turn digital marketing into rocket fuel for your business. It’s easier than you might think.

Start with your Business Objectives

Does it feel like the marketing department operates on an island? Get everyone on the same page by using company objectives – objectives that move the business forward – in your marketing goals.

Marketing is business… and you are the savvy marketing guru who can make the hopes and dreams of the company happen. If the business wants to open a new office in Peoria, how can marketing make it happen? Focusing on company objectives keeps your digital marketing goals RELEVANT.

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you know where the business is headed (apparently it’s Peoria…), it’s time to figure out how you can help. How will digital marketing help the company reach its goal?

Your strategy should focus on company needs. How can marketing help open an office in Peoria? A lead-generation campaign, delivering qualified leads in greater Peoria, would provide a welcome business boost for a new office.

Your strategy must be TIMELY and ATTAINABLE. If the new office needs leads, then don’t plan a strategy to generate millions in new revenue twenty-years after the office opens.

Set your Goals

With an objective and a strategy to reach that objective, it’s time to start setting some SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE goals. What benchmarks can you set for digital marketing and the Peoria office that will make the office the resounding success everyone hopes it will be?

If the new sales manager in Peoria thinks he can manage 3 to 10 new leads, then a goal of 7 new market qualified leads before the office opens is specific. It is measurable so you can track progress. Everyone on your team knows, exactly, what the business marketing goals are for Peoria. You team is laser-focused on the highest priorities.

Review, Measure, and Improve

You have SMART goals linked to the business objectives, so it’s time to use those goals. This is where SMART becomes rocket fuel for the business.

Track your progress. Make adjustments when it looks like strategies aren’t working. If the social campaign isn’t delivering, add some ppc love for more leads. Did the sales manager freak out at the work load? Then look at nurturing elements to provide her the relaxing sales qualified leads she wants.

We live in an imperfect world, so you shouldn’t expect perfection in your goals and strategies. SMART is all about improvement.

Getting Started with SMART Goals and Digital Marketing

It’s time to take the leap and set SMART goals for your digital marketing

Stop thinking about goals as the enemy. Goals, SMART goals, can help you do more every day. They can keep you focused on the big picture, so the business is always moving forward.

Still curious how to use SMART goals in your digital marketing? Download our SMART goal template, and when you’re ready, contact GO2 Partners and speak to one of our digital marketing specialists – let’s see how we can take you and your business to the next level.

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