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5 Benefits of a Corporate Apparel Program for Business

by GO2 Partners on October 11, 2019

Owners, investors, and employees understand (or should understand) that a business is more than products or a list of services. Today, businesses need to focus on customer experience as much as new products.

After all, United Airlines saw a poor customer experience go viral on social media. Soon after, the business lost $1.4 billion in value. An apology from the CEO of United Airlines did little to stem the outrage, and soon passengers around the world were calling for a boycott of United.

Today, customer experience is critical to retaining current customers and attracting new ones. Product quality, customer service, and the perception of employees are all factors that feed into the overall experience a brand is delivering to the customer. When it comes time to spend money again, the customer will return to a previous business, or take their business elsewhere – it all depends on customer experience.Dress like your business means it Corporate Apparel from GO2

Your customers and prospects are constantly reviewing and evaluating the customer experience you offer. Corporate apparel is critical to delivering a superior customer experience.

What is a Corporate Apparel Program

A Corporate Apparel Program sets a sustainable, strategic standard for employee behavior and appearance to build brand identity. It provides every employee the opportunity to succeed, and sets an expectation of a consistent, positive experience for both employees and customers.

A Corporate Apparel Program is the opportunity for a business to take control of their brand image and helps ensure a positive customer experience. For some businesses, it is the competitive edge they need in a crowded marketplace.

5 Benefits of a Corporate Apparel Program

A Corporate Apparel Program is more than a work uniform or dress code. It is a strategic plan for ensuring every employee has access to apparel, and includes the processes and communication plan necessary for success. With an apparel program, the business will:

  • Build the Business Brand

Today, your brand is more than a tagline or snappy copy. Brand is the customer experience. With corporate apparel you are getting your name and your brand in front of customers. From the moment an employee interacts with a customer or prospect, you are promoting a professional, productive and positive experience. First impressions make a lasting impression, so consider what impression your apparel is making.

  • Increase Employee Engagement

Looking to increase employee productivity and grow your business? Employee engagement can help. Corporate apparel helps promote a positive workplace and increases employee engagement. Employees that have strong connection to your business – both mental and emotional – are more productive. They are excited to come to work and make the job rewarding and pleasant. Higher employee engagement deliver positive outcomes across the business.

  • Marketing and Promotion

How much is a billboard worth to your marketing and promotion? What is the worth of an advocate talking about your business in the community? With an apparel program, your employees become active advocates for your business even after they leave the workplace. Help them better promote your business with corporate apparel.

  • Improve Customer Experience

What makes a positive customer experience? It starts with trust – the customer needs to trust your employee. The employee needs to build that trust, and respond to the customer’s needs in a way that exceeds expectation and ensures satisfaction. The right corporate apparel can be a critical tool for the employee in building trust and exceeding expectations as they interact with customers.

  • Reinforce Business Goals

Looking to improve your business? Consider your company goals. Most, if not all, businesses will set goals, but few will promote them. Goals can trigger employee behavior and provide focus, but most goals are quickly forgotten. Look at using your corporate apparel to help promote and reinforce business goals – using a tagline, for example, or apparel as a reward for meeting goals. It’s another opportunity for you to make those goals stick and have an impact.

Getting Started with Corporate Apparel

Now that you understand the benefits and importance of a Corporate Apparel Program, the next question is how to get started.

Don’t worry, we can help.

Maximizing your benefit from a Corporate Apparel Programs can be a complex, and expensive, undertaking.  It takes time, work, and resources to assemble the program and roll it out to your business. Maintaining the program can be even more difficult.

GO2 Partners makes it easy to get started with our Corporate Apparel Program. We have all the pieces in place for you – from an ecommerce site to track the program and make ordering easy, to in-house embroidery and stitching, to relations with all the top vendors across the world so you can find the right apparel for your business. We work with you step-by-step to customize and implement the program, making sure it works for you.

Contact GO2 today and ask about our Corporate Apparel Program. Let’s see what we can do for you.

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