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5 Ways Custom Packaging Can Empower Your Business

by Christian Gray on May 7, 2021
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Custom packaging has been around for decades. It’s having a strategy and execution that are different that can set your business above the competition.

During World War II, ladies would send their brave men letters sprayed with their perfume to give them a nostalgic feeling of home and remind them of what was waiting for them. The perfume was not only a quick way to add meaningful value to the letter, it helped differentiate that letter from every other.

Nowadays, there’s a connection between your brand and the customers who receive a package from your business. It’s a connection that smart businesses are using. Whether it’s a delivery from Amazon, that moment of anticipation before they open the box, or the thrill of knowing what’s inside a bag from a favorite local boutique, it’s Christmas-day level excitement that provides the connection and influences brand perception.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Debunk the myths about “snail mail” and rethink your packaging, or you’re missing out on an opportunity to empower your business.

1. Brand Image and Packaging

Perception is reality. Perceived value is real. Custom branded packaging can hammer home the value of your product. Is your brand focused on simplicity, or maybe knowledge or value? Either way, adhere to your brand guidelines when developing packaging. Represent your brand through the look, feel and design of the package.


  • Why not add a “bonus” item that promotes your brand. Apple does this very well. In almost all of their product packaging, they include an Apple sticker that you see plastered EVERYWHERE.
  • With more consumers concerned with sustainability and looking for companies that share their values, it would be smart to utilize eco-friendly packaging. Younger generations are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging
  • Color pattern has an impact on your brand. Be aware of how colors are perceived, what they represent, and how they appeal to your target audience as you design your packaging.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Consistency plays a large role in customer satisfaction. Consistently meeting or exceeding expectations can place you atop the satisfaction pedestal. Happy customers drive more business through word of mouth and positive reviews and, if you’re lucky, they become a brand influencer. Take it from Google, good things come to those with good reviews, including higher search engine rankings.

3. Lower Costs

Standard packaging leaves a lot of room for complications — literally. If your product isn’t a standard square or rectangle shape, you’re likely spending money on extra padding or material to ensure its protection. This leads to increased shipping expenses due to costs based on dimensional weight pricing models (DIM shipping). Designing a tailor-made solution that addresses every nook and cranny of your product will cut down on extra material, possible breaks or inadequate use, and save you money in the long run.

4. The Customer Experience

This is where you can get creative. Consider the experience you want your consumers to have when they get their (hopefully) short-awaited product. In a digital first world, humanizing and personalizing an experience will set you apart from the competition and bring your brand to life. It might be the first physical interaction they have with your brand. Take advantage of it and think outside the box about the experience a new customer will have when they receive your product. Make use of the material, style, shape, texture and the way you open it — the possibilities are endless.

5. Competitive Advantage

Stand out amongst your competition with custom packaging. Many companies are so focused on the digital experience alone that they turn a blind eye to the advantages of the offline engagements. That offline engagement has an impact on your brand image; it can increase customer satisfaction, lower costs, deliver a memorable and welcome experience, or all of the above. Taking advantage of these opportunities, differentiating your business from the competition, could be key to business growth.

Unpacking It All – Custom Packaging and Your Business

There’s a lot of junk mail filling mailboxes — don’t let your company fall into that category. With up to 90% of direct mail being opened and the increase in ecommerce, there’s potential to make a lasting impression on your consumers if you can up your game and make your packaging an experience.

Custom and branded packaging is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. GO2 Partners has the extensive expertise and resources to execute your branded packaging needs. Reach out today to learn more about how we can assist your efforts and help you deliver a customer experience that grows your business.

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