5 Ways Manufacturers Can Use Hubspot For Their Business

5 Ways Manufacturers Can Use HubSpot for Their Business

by Brittany Harris on July 24, 2023
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Marketing is more than just getting people to click on your website.  

A successful marketing strategy involves finding the right customer and sharing helpful information to solve their problem, ultimately leading to a sale. It’s about delivering exceptional benefits and a great experience from the moment a prospect finds you to the months and years after the first sale is made. If you want to eliminate friction and gain more sales from existing customers, then HubSpot is the platform you need.  

HubSpot is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) platform that hosts websites, stores contact information, and makes it easier for your sales team to make sales both online and in person.  

HubSpot and Manufacturers 

For manufacturers, HubSpot has the tools you need to improve your lead generation process, build trust with prospective customers or distributors with the ability to track important metrics along the way, and help ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.  

It can also help you streamline the sales and support process, help you find more opportunities with existing customers, and improve the overall customer experience. 

We’ve gathered just a few specific ideas you should consider as you evaluate whether HubSpot will work for your manufacturing business. 

Support for Trade Shows  

Preparing for a trade show can require months of strategic planning.  

In addition, there are several things to keep track of during the process: how each piece of marketing contributes to the overall goal, deciding what works and what doesn’t, and seeing where the biggest ROIs are gained. To make the most of that investment in the show, you’ll want to maximize follow-up and help your sales team optimize every lead. That’s where HubSpot comes in.  

HubSpot software will help you keep track of all your campaigns, including trade show follow-up, and ensure nothing is missed at any stage. Build show-specific lists, assign tasks for your sales and marketing teams, and track engagement with new prospects as well as existing customers. It will help you strengthen relationships from lead to sale and beyond. This way, you can upsell and cross-sell.  

Once you build trade show processes in HubSpot, you can reuse them in the future to refine your results. 

Track Email Engagement  

Spending hours crafting emails means nothing without engagement.  

With HubSpot’s email tracking software, you can identify which, when, and how potential customers engage with your emails. You'll have email and engagement data. You can build templates in HubSpot so your sales team can reach out to more customers with your best email strategies. The platform will also give them access to your best marketing material, so they aren’t struggling to find a document on their crowded desktop or using outdated material.  

This information is saved within HubSpot's CRM database for easy access. This data lets you personalize your follow-up emails and establish meaningful connections with your leads.  

Build Meaningful and Effective Newsletters  

Newsletters are a staple in every marketing strategy, but many manufacturers don’t have any way of getting the most out of them. While they can keep your customers up to date with new products and services, and become a vital component of your marketing, many companies aren’t seeing the results they need from their newsletter efforts.  

With HubSpot’s email newsletter tools, you can send beautiful, optimized newsletters to your contacts, and have the data you need to make the most of your work.  

HubSpot's software is so easy to use that it takes little to no time to learn how to create an email within the marketing hub. You can choose from various templates to create a newsletter that best resonates with your audience. It’s easy to adjust, set your newsletter size, and add content to the body by clicking and dragging the elements.  

Then, analyze the engagement results to identify prospects ready to purchase or refine your newsletter strategy. 

Implement Account-Based Marketing  

Account-based marketing (ABM) aligns sales and marketing efforts to give high-value customers a more personalized buying experience. For manufacturers, where a single new customer can be a massive business boost, ABM is highly effective. 

Your marketing and sales teams can seamlessly collaborate using HubSpot's platform. By combining efforts, your teams can identify valuable accounts quickly and collaborate more efficiently, which will encourage company growth.  

Rather than building an ABM strategy from scratch, you can use the tools in HubSpot to streamline the process and see results even faster. 

Incorporate a Customer Support Ticket System 

It is much easier to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones, yet many manufacturers struggle with service problems and end up losing customers.  

Customer support teams rely on ticketing systems to stay organized and ensure the more pressing issues are addressed first. With a ticketing system, your support team can quickly locate old cases and past information. It’s a critical part of delivering a better customer experience.  

You can access all the information your support team needs on one dashboard using HubSpot's ticketing software. All tickets are linked to a customer’s contact card within the CRM, making it easier for the customer service reps to view past engagements. The data provided includes metrics such as agent response time and ticket volume, allowing supervisors to discern whether a team member is meeting customer demand.  

Better Results for Manufacturers Using HubSpot 

Manufacturing is a complex and unique business operation, and not every marketing or support company understands the industry. Finding a company that knows your business and HubSpot can make it easier to get results from the software and meet your business goals. 

GO2 Partners understands manufacturing, working with many of the largest companies in the United States. We also have experience in leveraging HubSpot capabilities to deliver customer business goals. When companies come to us with an interest in using HubSpot, we partner with them to identify challenges and create customized solutions. That includes integrating the power of HubSpot with the industry standards and needs of manufacturers.  

We believe in collaboration and embrace creativity. We stay on top of the latest marketing trends and welcome the latest technology to help your company see results. Contact us to see what we can do for your manufacturing business today.  

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