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6 Ways Promotional Marketing Can Grow Your Business

by Rachel Roberson on January 11, 2023

Note: This blog has been updated with recent information regarding market changes and new data, especially regarding post-pandemic marketing and buyer information.

For some businesses, promotional marketing is an afterthought.

“Let’s get pens,” someone will say at a brainstorming session before a trade show. Those pens are ordered at the last minute from a low-cost supplier with a logo that barely resembles the business branding. The pens sit on the counter at the show, an afterthought.

The entire promotional push starts as an afterthought and never recovers.

Promotional products are an opportunity for your business to connect with a customer or prospect.  It’s an opportunity to stand apart from the competition. It's also a way to enhance the customer experience. Customers today aren't just evaluating your product or service but also their experience. Business growth requires addressing that expectation. Elevate your Marketing. Resources and Expertise at your Fingertips.

Your website is just one choice on a SERP (SEarch Results Page), and your Google ad can only do so much to reach a prospect. But a promotional product can reach a prospect in a way a banner ad never could.

6 Benefits of Promotional Product Marketing

Let’s look at how promo products add value for you and your customers:

  • Lead Generation

In an age of market over saturation, buyers enjoy receiving and using promotional products. In fact, according to recent marketing data, consumers are 83% more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional item, and have an 82% more favorable impression of the business. Why not use have a landing page that captures prospect data for a promotional giveaway, or offer a promotional giveaway to generate referrals? Promotional products are an easy way to connect with new prospects.

  • Brand Recognition

Name recognition and a positive reputation are critical for a successful business. Did you know that 6 out of 10 people will keep a promotional product for two years or more? Over time, that product will generate more and more impressions. The right product, one that solves problems for the prospect, provides long-term positive brand exposure that leads to additional sales and revenue. It can do more for your business than an expensive billboard or ad.

  • Competitive Advantage

Successful businesses are always looking for a leg up on the competition – either through another offer, a new product, or a unique message and marketing campaign. Promotional products are another way you can stand above the competition. The right product can let your business's personality and creativity shine. Add a tagline to the product, or select a product that appeals to a specific buyer persona. In addition, after the pandemic, customers are highly cognizant of buying and supporting "local" companies. It's a data point proven by an 80% increase in "local" search on Google.  Your promotional marketing is an excellent way of highlighting your connection to the community.

  • Customer Loyalty

Consistent, positive exposure to your brand is the key to building customer loyalty. You need to reach a prospect or customer at the right time and with the right message. It requires building a relationship between the brand and the customer and is based on personality – not product. It’s giving a helping hand to the customer when they need it, providing that critical positive experience. Building loyalty isn’t easy, especially in a market where there are so many choices competing for the customer dollar, but promotional products can help. Share your brand personality through the choice of a promotional product, as it provides continual, positive exposure for your brand.

  • Choice and Opportunity

Face it… you are never lacking for choice or opportunity when it comes to promotional products. Are you looking for a fun marketing campaign? There are plenty of fun promotional items out there, like a yo-yo. Want to show how your business can solve problems for your customer, then consider a problem-solving product like an umbrella or a zip drive. Want to connect with customers and prospects, then stay on top of the latest trends with a promo product that gets people talking. No matter your campaign or intent, there is a promotional item out there for you.

  • Cost Control

Cost should be a concern for any business. Balancing the benefits of a marketing initiative against concerns about cost and expense can lead to a company waiting a project with potential benefits. They can choose an initiative with a lower cost, lower risk and lower return. This can put a cap on business growth. Promotional marketing is a highly effective marketing technique that delivers tremendous returns for a low initial cost. Much of the benefit from a promotional item comes from simple word of mouth marketing – a prospect asking about a promotional item. You know the cost of a promotional product. You can manage expenses, and continue to enjoy the recurring benefits.

The Power of Promotional Product Marketing

Still not sure promotional products have a place in your marketing plans? Let’s consider a few facts...

Almost 7 in 10 brands recently surveyed assert that promotional products are effective in delivering marketing goals. After receiving a promotional item, 9 out of 10 customers will remember the branding, and 8 in 10 will remember the messaging.

Put simply – those numbers point to business impact that makes a difference.

Getting Started with Promotional Products

Before placing an order for promotional items, it’s important to develop a strategy – one that doesn’t just build brand recognition, but also delivers on your business goals.

It’s also important to understand the market. Your best intentions can be foiled by an overpriced or poor quality promotional product. That’s where a marketing execution service can help. Working with other companies, they have the best practices that can accelerate positive results for your initiatives. They also have the relationships with suppliers to ensure you are getting high-quality products at the best price.

Marketing execution services can help set-up and support your promotional products program, handling the behind-the-scenes details and management that can overwhelm marketing departments. This leads to larger benefits for the business at a much lower cost.

Contact GO2 Partners today to learn more about the 20/20 Marketing program and our marketing execution service.

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