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7 Tips on Social Media for Manufacturers

by GO2 Partners on October 4, 2021

For most manufacturing businesses, social media, and the marketing businesses do on it, can feel like a foreign concept. “It’s too intimidating” or “It won’t be effective for my business”, are common reasons we have heard when the topic of social media marketing comes into the conversation.

To ease the overwhelm and provide actionable advice on social media for manufacturers, here are 7 tips you can implement today to start your marketing journey on social media.

Identify which networks are most relevant to manufacturing

When it comes to social media, niching down to the platforms that will work for your business is essential. Spreading yourself too thin will cause stress and will affect the quality and quantity of content going out. Instead, focus on 2-3 platforms that you can create solid content for.

For manufacturers, the best platforms to be on are LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pinterest.

Know your target audience

Are you most interested in reaching out to Office Managers? Logistics Liaisons? Supply Chain Directors? Once you decide on who you need to reach, you’ll be able to tailor your message the way your clients are most apt to receive it.

Observe what your clients are saying and act on it

Before you curate a social media strategy and brainstorm content ideas, do a little research and see where your target audience is on social. What are they posting about? Who are they interacting with? What info can you glean from the accounts they are interacting with in order to siphon the attention in the direction of your business?

Repurpose (share content)

Once you get a high-level social media plan, the next hurdle many manufacturing businesses have is feeling like they always have to have original content. With social media being a collaborative space where people are encouraged to share information, repurposing content is a great way to save time, engage with other businesses’ content in your industry, and connect with your customers at large.

Partner with influencers

It never hurts for a business to have a familiar, relevant, and recognizable face attached to it. Collaborating with influencers your clients like and enjoy can encourage long-lasting connections and more positive sentiment toward your brand.

Keep abreast of any trending content you could use

The social media landscape is very dynamic, and while this can seem daunting at first, companies who stay on top of trends are the early birds, and they always get the worm. A commitment to learning and always staying one step ahead is crucial to coming out on top in social media.

Determine the goals and KPIs of your social media plan

What are you looking to achieve for your business on social media? Brand awareness? Building community? An exciting product launch? These questions, as well as how you are going to calculate the outcome, should be outlined in a strategic social media marketing plan.

Social media for manufacturing made easy

Social media for an industry like manufacturing can seem like an unconventional way to crush your marketing goals, but by utilizing these 7 tips you are on your way to differentiating your business from the competition and drive your business forward.

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