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How to Run a Business in a Time of Crisis: A Case Study

by Kierstin Payne on March 27, 2020
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In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we are all working to overcome the problems and issues that crop up as we work on our social distancing. We’re learning to work from home and doing our part to support efforts to combat a global pandemic.

During this time, businesses need to consider new ways to connect with and support their customers.

With so many of us struggling with changing circumstances, we’re all looking for the businesses we rely on to step up and provide support and solutions. One of GO2’s strongest customers is the USASF. As a critical part of the community, the USASF, is finding new ways to reach and support their customers and members.

The USASF – Serving Student Cheer and Dance Athletes

The mission of the USASF is to provide the safest possible environment for cheer and dance athletes to train and compete.

They meet this goal by supporting and implementing consistent and fair rules for competition, providing credentials for coaches, certifying safety judges, sanctioning events, and maintaining and improving safety guidelines for Club Cheer and Dance teams.Elevate your Marketing. Resources and Expertise at your Fingertips.

The USASF supports not only the athletes, but also the clubs and club owners – all of which are struggling during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Cheer and Dance in the Time of COVID-19 Crisis

Many, if not all, of the All Star cheer and dance clubs have temporarily closed to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19. This means the athletes aren’t training as a team, and many of the club owners have limited opportunity to generate revenue. It’s not only a setback for the businesses that work with and support All Star athletes, but athletes are losing valuable training time.

Suddenly, the programs that athletes relied on aren’t there. The classes are closed, and the connections athletes made seem distant.

In difficult times, businesses need to look for new ways to support their customers. In the case of USASF, this meant the athletes, judges and clubs that rely on the All Star program.

Staying Connected

The USASF recently launched an app, USASF Connection, available in both the Apple store and through Google Play. With the app, users can connect with other members, leave messages, and chat.

Using the app, the USASF helps keep athletes connected to the program and their coaches, even in a time of social distancing. The USASF regularly posts uplifting messages, information, and makes links between members to motivate and inspire their customers. Even if they can’t go to the gym and socialize like they once did the app is keeping them connected.Your marketing goals in reach. Contact GO2 Digital Marketing today.

This has also been a great way for the USASF to provide critical information like new regulations and additional steps the program is taking to protect and keep athletes healthy.

Launch a New Program

In addition to the push to connect stakeholders using the USASF Connection app, the organization has launched a short-term program called Healthy Athletes = Healthy All Star.

Through a series of videos, coaches from the different clubs in the All Star program present lessons, tips and drills for the athletes. The lessons teach basic skills and keeps the athletes healthy and fit even as they are home. Most are short, targeted and fun. They feature many of the most popular and in-demand coaches. New videos launch regularly, so there is always something new waiting for the athletes.

This program is not only another way to keep the athletes connected to the program, it provides some publicity and visibility for the coaches that aren’t able to teach classes. It also highlights the benefits and features of some of the leading clubs across the nation, even when most of us are hunkered down and isolated.Dress like your business means it Corporate Apparel from GO2

The USASF launched the program across multiple social media channels, including using Instagram stories that are popular with the athletes. It also allows the athletes and users to forward the lessons and provides great social media marketing for the USASF.

Leverage the Digital Connection

While the Healthy Athlete = Healthy All Star program has been a great addition to what USASF offers, that isn’t the only way they are digitally connecting with their customers.

USASF provides a private login for members, allowing coaches and club owners to connect behind-the-scenes as they navigate the issues and struggles with managing life in a crisis like COVID-19. Using the message board, members can reach out directly and discreetly with organization leadership as problems come up. Coaches can also share best practices, see what is working for other clubs, and just stay connected in an appropriate forum with others struggling in a similar situation.

The program has become a critical resource for members looking for normalcy during a crisis, or who need a little help to get by.

Helping Customers When They Need It Most

Rather than looking internally during a crisis, the USASF is working with partners like GO2 to provide the best possible service to their partners and customers. Even though most public classes are closed for the foreseeable future, the team at USASF is looking at alternative channels to deliver content and support to athletes and the programs and clubs they work with.

If you want to learn more or see how you can leverage the latest technology to support your program, or even talk to a digital marketing expert, then contact GO2 today. GO2 is working with industry leaders like the USASF to overcome and find success in a time of crisis.

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