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How to Cure the Expertise and Resource Gap in your Marketing

by Rachel Roberson on February 6, 2020

Finding enough time and the right expertise is a struggle for marketing departments across industries.

You might need a new blog for your engineering services team, plus you’re preparing to launch a new landing page and digital ad campaign. The sales team wants support for a trade show (new collateral and an email campaign), while you committed to reviewing programmatic ad buying for a new market.

There’s never enough time or resources to get it all done.

The lack of resources is holding back the business. It’s keeping you from meeting your goals.

Solving the Resource Gap in your Marketing

Many companies will look at adding a new employee. If you can prove the value of the addition, this provides a temporary solution. Other times the business will move work to an outside resource like a freelancer or an agency.Elevate your Marketing. Resources and Expertise at your Fingertips.

What happens the next time there’s a new initiative? What happens when two trade shows and a digital campaign all happen at once? Is that single employee going to meet every need? Can you get results from the outside resource fast enough? How far behind do you have to fall before it’s time to hire another new employee or find another resource? Can business growth keep up with marketing needs?

How Marketing Execution Services Can Help

To overcome the resource and expertise gap, many businesses are turning to Marketing Execution Services. Think of Marketing Execution like a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform – you have on hand marketing expertise and resources ready to meet your needs as they happen. Marketing Execution is designed to better support the marketing needs of modern enterprise businesses.

In the past, the business might present a need to an agency. The agency will offer a single cost for project, and the service has clearly defined parameters.

But, as we know, this isn’t how modern marketing works. Pitching a project and receiving bids slows the process, hurting results. Big agencies can be inflexible and inefficient, and smaller agencies don’t have the resources. Neither is agile, and neither can adequately support the constantly shifting needs of your business.

Modern marketing thrives on flexibility and agility. You need expertise on-hand as needs arise and a method for strategically applying additional resources to capitalize on opportunity and react to pressures and the market. You need a scalable marketing resources, a Marketing-as-a-Service (MAAS) platform.

Modern marketing needs Marketing Execution services.

What is Marketing Execution as a Service?

Simply put, Marketing Execution is a better way to deliver the expertise and services your marketing group needs. It’s designed to supplement and support your existing department, providing additional resources and expertise as needed at a much lower cost.

With Marketing Execution, you work with an account manager to analyze and determine your long-term needs, then set up a plan to reach them. Rather than struggling to fit individual services into your plan, you’re looking at the big picture. Your account manager and partners work like members of your team, providing the additional resources and expertise you need without having to hire new employees or individually manage outside resources.

In addition, Marketing Execution provides you the agility necessary to deliver in the modern market. The MAAS works like another member of your team, backed by the resources and expertise of their entire business. Content creators, developers, graphic designers, ad buyers, inbound specialists, social media marketers and more are available as you need them, at a much lower cost than if you needed to engage these specialties individually. In addition, you only pay for the resources you need, keeping costs low and maximizing your return.

How Marketing Execution Services Work

There are several ways to implement and deliver Marketing Execution services.

  • Full-Service Account Management: With this method, your account manager becomes part of your team, working closely with you to implement and deliver on your goals. This is typically a more hands-off approach for you, freeing up more of your time to focus on other priorities. It is also a more personalized service, with the account manager often on-site and coordinating the work of the MAAS with you and your team.
  • Self-Service Online Platform: This provides you more control of your brand and how the MAAS resources are used. Typically, you have access to an online platform where you can order and schedule work or material. There are advantages – with the decentralized control you can provide access to other offices or branches. It might also provide cost savings, as you have more control over the services and spend.

Many enterprise companies use a hybrid approach to marketing services. You may have access to an online portal where you can order material, promotional products, or services. There will be a retainer you can spend against, or you’ll be billed as needed. In addition to the portal, you have an account manager working with you to deliver long-term goals and strategic projects, like a website refresh or a product launch.

Getting Started with Marketing Execution

The 20/20 Marketing Execution Program from GO2 Partners is one of the leading MAAS programs, working with many of the leading companies in a range of industries like manufacturing, technology, and retail.

Many companies will be introduced to MAAS after working on a standard marketing project, with the GO2 team discussing the advantages of using marketing execution rather than wasting time and energy on one-off projects. From there, the company will look at leveraging the power and resources of Marketing Execution for larger projects.

If you are interested in learning more or want to see how marketing execution has worked for one enterprise business who sought to reduce costs and revitalize a variety of marketing programs, then contact GO2 Partners today. Talk to an account manager about your business needs and let’s see how we can help.

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