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What is a Corporate Apparel Program?

by Mike Ouellette on August 29, 2019

Discover how a corporate apparel program can help you grow your business

Consumers have changed.

In the past, a catchy commercial was all you needed to market a product and reach customers. Not anymore – according to a study by Nielsen, consumers are 92% more likely to trust word-of-mouth advertising than traditional marketing like ads and commercials.

Technology has created more competition for the attention of prospects. Your best marketing pitch is easier than ever to ignore. To succeed, you need to seize every opportunity to make an impression – an impact – on a customer at the right time, when they are ready to listen to your message.Dress like your business means it Corporate Apparel from GO2

That’s where a corporate apparel program can help.

Seizing Opportunity with Corporate Apparel

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build your brand and business.

Corporate apparel allows you to get your name and business in front of a potential customer at a moment they are open to being influenced – when they are looking for a product, a solution, or help.

Consider what message your employees are currently delivering. Are they leaving a favorable impression? Do you have any control over that impression? The right corporate apparel program can make a strategic, lasting impression on customers. It can turn a forgettable encounter into a meeting prospects remember when they need help in the future.

A corporate apparel program helps you make a great impression and capitalize on opportunities to grow your business with new and existing customers.

Corporate apparel also has a positive influence on employees. It supports a professional and productive workplace. It sets a standard – your standard – for every employee. Collaboration, equality and work unity increase when employees are in uniform.

What is a Corporate Apparel Program?

A corporate apparel program is much more than buying uniforms. It is more than writing a dress code. A corporate apparel program sets a sustainable, strategic standard for behavior and appearance. It builds a brand identity. It is critical for delivering a consistent, positive experience for both employees and customers.

Winning Business with Corporate Apparel

Many businesses struggle to implement a sustainable corporate apparel program. They aren’t in the business of apparel, and don’t have the experience in implementation. They don’t have experience managing an apparel program. The cost and required investment to build and manage a program can be shocking.

The result – the business loses critical opportunities to make an impression on the customer. They are forced to invest more in other marketing areas to make up the difference. The business has little front-line control of their brand. They have no idea how much business is lost with every customer interaction – it is constant lost opportunity.

Even employee productivity can take a hit without a strong apparel program. Employees don’t feel their best when they struggle to manage their uniforms. Rather than focusing on their core duties, they are dealing with issues keeping them from giving your customers the attention they deserve.

Getting Started with GO2s Corporate Apparel Program

Rather than create your own program, let the experts handle your corporate apparel.

GO2 Partners designed the Corporate Apparel Program to maximize opportunity for your strategic branding and employee productivity. We make it easy for your businesses to roll out a successful corporate branding program for a lower cost and less effort. Managing and maintaining the program is easy with GO2 handling the details. You can focus on your core business, rather than starting and maintaining the program from scratch.

If you’re ready to see how corporate apparel can take your business to the next level, then contact GO2 today and talk to our experts.

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