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What is the Best Way for Businesses to Use Social Media?

by GO2 Partners on September 24, 2021


Social media, from the dynamic landscape to the many options to choose from, can be a daunting task for businesses to navigate. How can I use social media in a professional setting? What kind of content will my customers want? How beneficial is social media to my business?

In this article, we’re diving headfirst into seven important steps you can take to discover the best way for your business to use social media.

1. Do Not Do Social Media Halfway

The number one thing we see when a business decides to try social media is that they dip their toe in, do not find success immediately, and call it quits.

Similar to other types of marketing, social media for businesses can take time to see results. Creating good content, building an audience and increasing engagement can take time to perfect and refine. Patience is needed to see what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t, so you can create a comprehensive strategy tailored to them.

Making a commitment to social media is the first step to truly being able to build an audience around your product/service and help fulfill your marketing goals.

2. Have A Social Media Plan In Place

Creating a social media plan is the first place to start to hold yourself accountable for your goals.

Your social media strategy should be a written account of your business’s overall mission and vision, as well as an outlined content plan and what you are hoping to achieve on social.

Setting and achieving social media marketing goals is crucial. And if you can answer and incorporate into the plan why people would want to follow you on social — the benefits they will see — then you are golden.

3. Show Authenticity In Your Content

The third tip for businesses is to always show your true colors on social media.

Take a minute to think about the reasons you follow brands on social media. What makes them unique? What influenced you to follow them?

Chances are these brands are giving you the content you want to consume, whether it be content that you can learn and apply to your personal and/or professional life, or it’s so entertaining you want to see them on your feed repeatedly.

Building a great social media presence isn’t just about demonstrating the value of your product or service to your followers. It’s about connection and experiences. The best brands out there are relatable and give more value to their audience than what their audience gives back to them. That’s how you build brand equity on social. That’s how you find success.

4. Focus On The Social Media Platforms That Work For Your Business

It’s easy to want to broaden your social scope and go for every social media platform on the market when first starting out.

But from our professional experience, we can confidently say that focusing on the platforms that best work for your business and your industry is crucial to success on social, especially when it comes to B2B Social Strategies.

Narrowing your focus to one to three platforms where your customers will find you will help you zero in on your audience quicker so you can make the most out of your content strategy and your budget. It will make the time spent on social worthwhile.

5. Make Your Content Work So You Don't Have To

One of the biggest challenges we see when it comes to creating content for social is the time it takes to artfully produce each piece of it.

And while there is inherent value in that, as a business, we want your content strategy to not only be meticulously hand-crafted, but we also want you to be able to repurpose and reuse content when you can. That way your content will be efficient and great simultaneously.

Every piece of content you create should have at least two to three other pieces of shareable content to accompany it. That way the core messages of the content can be redesigned for different platforms and different audiences, to better capture your customer’s attention and reduce the time it takes to create them in the first place.

6. Pay Attention to What Your Customers Are Saying

At the end of the day, the customers are always right. Your social media empire is driven by your audience and the leaders promoting it.

Social media offers an innovative, open-ended platform that businesses can use to communicate and engage with customers. So when a customer comes to your platform, they expect to be able to communicate with you. That’s the point of social!

Create an environment where they can do that. For example, create an FAQ page on Facebook, make fun bite-sized surveys for Instagram stories, and have a community management plan to be able to respond to followers in a timely manner.

7. Where There’s Dedication, There’s Success

Our last tip is to remember that passion helps generate phenomenal, enduring and memorable content.

Success on social media is a long game, and a way to ensure long-term commitment and mitigate the feeling of social media as a “burden” is to follow your passion. Your content doesn’t always have to be directly related to your brand or industry. This means you can find your unique value proposition as you deviate and differentiate your business from your competitors’.


The best way for businesses to use social media is to utilize social media to connect, inspire and communicate. It should be used as a tool to reach your overall business goals.

Incorporate connecting, inspiring and communicating with your audience, prospects and customers into your strategy and you’ll be on the road to achieving your business goals. You’ll be getting visibility for your brand, presenting your message to a wider audience, creating content people care about, and having fun along the way.

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