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Who We Are - GO2 Partners Unifies Divisions

by Sara DeNunzio on July 20, 2020
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For more than 20 years, our company has grown and evolved together. Now we all share one voice and one identity.

We specialize in making businesses work

The divisions of GO2 Partners have always worked together seamlessly to offer complete business solutions to our clients. Now, we’re making that spirit of collaboration official. GO2 Partners is no longer made up of separate divisions — we are operating as one unified company with shared challenges and shared goals. To continue on this journey together, we need a single voice and vision for the GO2 Partners brand. That begins with positioning our offerings as specialties that are available to everyone.

Because we have empowered our employees to discover and develop unique skillsets, GO2 Partners has succeeded in evolving from a leader in the print industry to a trusted group of subject matter experts in both marketing and operations. That’s why our diverse suite of solutions are now called “specialties.”

Our teams of specialists collaborate across our locations to identify and develop strategic ways to help each client’s business grow and thrive.

Building a Consistent Brand Experience

Our goal was to craft a brand identity to further unify our employee-owners internally, while also offering a consistent experience externally.

This GO2 Partners brand voice and visual identity helps us to make a distinctive and consistent impression at each point of contact with our clients, prospects and vendors, as well as our current and potential employees.

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