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5 Strategic Benefits of Qualified Print Services for the Lab

by Tracy Flanagan on May 1, 2019

Running a lab – a successful diagnostic lab – is difficult.

There are regulations to follow, a supply chain and inventory to manage, and employees to lead. That doesn’t even cover the core function of the lab – delivering verifiable and reliable test results in a timely manner.

Success requires efficient operations. The team needs the right tools and support to deliver the best results possible.

That’s where qualified print services for the lab can help.

What Are Qualified Print Services?

All labs required printed material like specimen-tracking forms, chain of custody forms, requisitions, hazardous environment labels, and sequentially numbered barcoded accessioning labels.Get Control of your Mission Critical Documents Work with the Leaders of Lab Media

A general printer could get the job done, but without expertise in the specialized needs of the lab and lab processes, there’s increased risk. A non-qualified printer could produce mission critical documents and labels with errors – errors that can then make their way back into the lab – affecting efficiency, quality, and worse – violating PII or causing HIPPA violations. 

This printer may not even know it – or be aware of how to isolate. 

A qualified print service for the lab is dedicated to meeting the needs of the laboratory. The experience and specialized expertise they bring add value with every requisition and bar code printed.

Strategic Benefits of Qualified Print Services to Laboratories

Many leading labs turn to qualified print services rather than general printers, realizing strategic benefits such as:

1.      Print Expertise

The lab has experience with the latest diagnostic tools. The qualified lab print service supplier knows the print industry. They bring knowledge of the latest adhesives, papers, printers and processes. This provides the lab with a better, more efficient print solutions.  With a “design for success” vision, often changing a label or using a different paper can deliver a better application at a lower cost.

2.      End-to-End Quality Control

Quality is critical to lab operations. General printers don’t have the expertise to ensure quality for a lab print job. Quality control and quality assurance are the foundation of every deliverable from a qualified print service. This focus positions a qualified print service as the low risk provider – preventing many errors from ever reaching the lab.

3.      Reduced Costs

The cost of paper is rising, and many labs are forced to pass along price increases or see profits shrink. A qualified lab print service business, focused on supplying the special needs of the lab, can reduce those costs through volume buying on the products and materials the lab needs.  A qualified provider also has ways to reduce the total cost of product ownership – which also can help labs cope with rising costs.

4.      Lab-Focused Services

The job of the qualified lab print service is not just delivering labels and forms, but helping the lab work more efficiently. They can identify strategies to reduce printing costs and provide services designed around lab operations – even customizing a service plan that meets specific needs. This lets the lab focus on the core business, and get out of the warehousing and printing business.

5.      Improved Client Service

Customer demands on the lab are increasing. A qualified lab print service offers the resources to improve customer service without drastically increasing costs or adding operations. It is a one-step process to delivering better, strategic services like custom req forms for customers.

Getting Started with Qualified Print Services for the Lab

Changing technology, new regulations, and increased competition are impacting the lab industry. General print services, which may have delivered just enough service and expertise in the past, can no longer meet the needs of leading labs.

Qualified print services are forward-thinking, providing value designed for the specialized needs of the lab.

Contact GO2 Lab Media to discuss your needs and requirements, and discover how qualified print services can help.

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