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5 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Ecommerce Shipping Labels

by Jennifer Sampson on October 23, 2020


NOTE: This blog was originally published in May 2019. It has been updated with the latest information and best practices for 2020 and 2021, with special information regarding supply chains and COVID-19.

Ecommerce is growing, and the COVID-19 pandemic is fueling that growth.

According to recent online sales data, ecommerce saw 43% growth in September over the previous year. Over two days in October, the online retailer Amazon saw $10.4 billion in sales for their Prime Day.

With the need for social distancing and the health risks of COVID-19, more and more consumers are shopping online. Ecommerce is growing, and even after the COVID restrictions ease, many consumers will already be enthralled with shopping online and are likely to continue relying on ecommerce.Smart Solutions for Today's Ecommerce. Talk to the Experts at GO2 Partners.

This opportunity doesn’t come without risk for ecommerce retailers. A poor shopping experience is just as likely to drive a consumer back to the store as an excellent online experience will make them a repeat customer.

The Important of Ecommerce Shipping Labels to Online Sales

Getting product to your customers efficiently and cost-effectively is one of the most important parts of ecommerce business, so of course you want to invest in quality shipping materials to ensure accurate, uninterrupted deliveries. But you also want to save money, and distribution supplies make up a significant part of ecommerce overhead.

With the threat of COVID-19, consumers are relying on online businesses for reliable service. Mistakes and problems with deliveries can put them at risk.

How do you reconcile the need for the reliable materials that are essential to your business with a desire to reduce costs and increase profit? How do you balance quality critical supplies with cost and profitability?

It’s all in the strategy. From smart warehousing to strategic partnerships, there are many ways you can save on shipping supplies, even during a pandemic, without sacrificing quality. Here are some steps you can take to start saving today.

Strategies for Improving Results and Saving Money on Shipping Labels

  1. Review your supply chain

Something many ecommerce businesses have discovered since the start of the COVID-19 crisis is the importance of managing the supply chain. Without labels to ship products, you can’t make money or provide for your customers, and those customers will go to a retailer who can. Rather than using a single supplier for labels or other critical supplies, or overbuying and warehousing supplies on your own, it is safer and less costly to use a distributor that utilizes many suppliers and works to provide you the highest quality and lowest price.

  1. Prioritize quality control

Do your labels pull away easily from the liners? Will they adhere permanently if necessary or remove residue-free if you want? Supplies that are reliable and easy to work with are a big advantage in a busy distribution center. Avoid the high costs of line stoppages and angry customers by partnering with a supplier with robust QC capabilities.

  1. Use the right label

Using labels that meet the specifications of your shipping and storage needs can be a big cost saver.  For example, if you have distribution centers in warm climates, labels with heat-resistant adhesives can help avoid fulfillment delays.Work with the Experts and Reduce Costs Contact GO2 Partners Today

Contact the supply experts at GO2 Partners to find the best label for your application. Our experts will provide a free evaluation and can often provide cost-saving measures that increase efficiency. Whether it’s fold under, integrated, direct thermal, thermal transfer, cut sheet, auto-apply, barcode shipping labels or a custom solution, GO2 can help you find supplies that will save money and increase efficiency.

  1. Practice smart volume buying

As you know, getting supplies in bulk can mean substantial savings, while as-needed orders increase the cost of every shipment. But more isn’t always better. Depending on how they are stored, shipping labels have a shelf life of about nine months to a year before they begin to become unfit for use. To avoid losing money on degraded and yellowed labels, only order enough to cover your usage projections for the next six to nine months.

  1. Think strategically about your warehousing

Volume buying doesn’t mean you have to store the labels all in one place. Do you have distribution or fulfillment facilities around the country? Split your bulk order to make sure each facility has access to supplies. Having the labels you need when you need them means you’ll save money on overall shipping costs.

Efficiency and Cost Savings with Ecommerce Shipping Labels

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to reduce the cost of your ecommerce shipping labels; you just have to find the right strategy and partner with the right supplier.Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency Take the pain out of your Ecommerce Shipping

To see how much money you could be saving, contact the experts today at GO2 Partners today.


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