5 Ways You Can Use HubSpot Service Hub to Increase Revenue

5 Ways You Can Use HubSpot Service Hub to Increase Revenue

by GO2 Partners on December 1, 2023

Want to optimize your revenue-generating processes? Unlike traditional business strategies where sales alone are responsible for generating profit, revenue operations (RevOps) aligns sales, marketing and operations by boosting revenue-generating opportunities for the business.

In this approach, the business goal is to provide a consistent and outstanding experience across the customer lifecycle by aligning the different business elements (sales, marketing and operations, including customer service) on a single platform — HubSpot. Doing so lets you see the full scope of customer needs to identify additional business opportunities, whether additional services or a new project.

With the history of the customer’s experience on hand, you can better address their needs. You can forecast future needs, inspire the customer to return to you for additional work, and eventually convert that single customer into a lifelong fan of your brand.

But with consumers expecting a personalized experience that is faster and better than ever, your business needs a tool that will enable it to exceed expectations and increase customer retention by providing the best experience possible. HubSpot, and HubSpot Service Hub specifically, can help.

What Is HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot Service Hub connects all your customer service data onto one Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform, automates customer service and helps your team better manage customer requests.

With Service Hub, reps can respond to all inquiries and comments on time, evaluate past interactions to forecast future needs, and create loyal customers. Rather than wait for a problem to happen, they can proactively curate exceptional experiences for each customer.

Here are five specific ways your company can use HubSpot Service Hub for operations, customer service and revenue operations.

Ticket Generation

83% of customers feel more loyal to brands that respond to and resolve their complaints; therefore, responding to customer complaints quickly and correctly is vital.

With Service Hub’s ticket generation, companies can:

  • Quickly resolve customer issues.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Supply data to help management make profitable changes.

When a customer has a question, concern or comment about your product or service, the ticketing system will alert a customer service rep that action needs to be taken. Then, the system will generate a ticket with all the relevant data, no matter the method of communication (for example, email and Facebook Messenger). Reps can then use this data to resolve customer issues thoroughly.

In addition, HubSpot’s ticketing system equips managers with the data to make necessary adjustments to reduce the time and effort to close a ticket or alter service offerings and business processes to reduce the cost of customer service.

Customer Surveys

HubSpot’s feedback surveys are also useful tools to help your company grow revenue. With HubSpot’s surveys, you can:

  • Create strong calls to action: Collect data that can be used to build trust and convince consumers to purchase. For example, if you discover your product has a 90% customer satisfaction rate, you can use this data to create a strong call-to-action message to encourage purchases.
  • Re-introduce your brand: On average, past customers make more purchases than new customers. By sending a HubSpot survey to previous customers, you can re-introduce your product or service and remind them why they loved it in the first place.
  • Discover new business: Use HubSpot’s surveys to discover what your customers need help with so you can offer a product or service to solve their problem.

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a self-serve online library where users can write articles or answer questions. You can tag and organize the articles, making it easy to access relevant information about products, services, departments or topics. As a company, you can use this feature in HubSpot to collect and organize best practices, support consistent processes, train new employees, increase efficiency and reduce “how-do-I…” questions.   

By hosting a knowledge base in HubSpot, companies can:

  • Encourage self-service: By accessing the knowledge base, customers can get answers to the most basic questions immediately without contacting customer support. Not only will this spare the support team from having to answer the same repetitive questions, but it’s also a faster way for your customers to get solutions. This will elevate the customer experience and increase the likelihood of website visitors turning into leads.
  • Increase productivity: Employees can go to the knowledge base for information rather than searching for an answer to a process or practice. Workers aren’t wasting time looking for an answer or answering a question; instead, they are focused on productive work.
  • Support best practices: How much valuable process information is lost when an employee retires or leaves? With the knowledge base, you have a convenient way to capture best practices and employee information.
  • Push employee independence: With easy access and a convenient search capability, employees are more likely to search and find answers rather than asking questions. You also know that if an answer can’t be found in the database, then you may need additional training, or you can add a new section.

Real-Time Communication

More than 79% of customers prefer real-time communication when they have questions or need help. They want to know if someone is there to help them and their concerns are being addressed.

With HubSpot’s virtual chat, you can enable real-time customer communication across multiple channels. The conversation inbox stores all customer communications, such as emails, chats and social media messages, in a single dashboard. This centralized location allows employees to view all communication to easily ensure consistent and personalized interactions.

Customer Communication Options

HubSpot’s customer portal will allow you to enhance the customer experience by giving them ownership of how they prefer to communicate, reducing the friction and frustration they can sometimes feel when working with a business.

This portal can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel and integrated with your company’s knowledge base. With HubSpot’s customer portal, customers can:

  • Easily view conversations: Communication associated with their ticket, including chats, Facebook Messenger messages, form submissions and emails, are readily available to reduce confusion and unnecessary questions.
  • Get updates instantly: Customers can get updates on how their issues are handled without contacting a customer service representative.
  • Self-login and privacy: Customers can use a self-login to view, open and reply to their tickets, protecting their communication from other customers and giving them more control.

Maximize Your ROI with a HubSpot Implementation Partner

HubSpot Service Hub is a fantastic tool. However, most companies lack the resources or expertise to optimize its implementation. To use this platform to its fullest and ensure a smooth onboarding experience, you should consider an implementation partner.

An implementation partner like GO2 Partners will set up HubSpot in the best way possible for your company’s needs and goals. HubSpot is a powerful tool by itself; however, by partnering with GO2, you’ll see results that will amplify ROI.

GO2 Partners is a team of operations and marketing specialists who have assisted countless companies in getting the most out of their HubSpot investment. We will ensure that everyone on your team can use HubSpot to its full potential and guide you along the way. Contact us today.  

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