How Custom Order Forms Boost Your Business

by Brittany Harris on September 26, 2022
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Custom order forms have become a staple in many businesses, from small to large enterprises.

However, there is an added cost and additional effort to create and stock custom order forms for your business. Before deciding whether to design and order a custom form, it’s important to look at the options and potential benefits.

What Is an Order Form?

An order form is a document that buyers submit when they request products or services. Order forms are also referred to as business order forms, sales order forms, online order forms, procurement order forms, inventory order forms or service order forms.

Order forms have various uses. Business order forms are used for procurement, sales, and many other operations. These forms are especially valuable for large orders and/or high-value transactions. Buyers can use them in record keeping for accounting, tracking arrival and payment of products, ensuring delivery, managing pending orders and keeping the procurement process organized. They help streamline business operations and help employees to keep things organized.

What Is a Custom Order Form?

A custom order form is a business form document that can be customized or personalized by the business using it. A custom order form allows companies to organize information according to the needs of the business. With a custom order form, you can add images, company branding, additional form fields for specific information, or even additional information for easy filing or storage.

If you are operating a small business with a limited budget, you may wonder if creating custom order forms is worth the time and expense. However, there are some powerful benefits to using a custom form.

What Does an Order Form Look Like?

Order forms are used for service businesses and for high-priced products. An order form shows a quoted price for products or services to be rendered by the seller.

In general, a custom order form should include the following:

  • Company information (name, logo and address).
  • Customer information (name, phone number, billing information and shipping address).
  • Purchase order information (date and PO number).
  • Sales order number.
  • Salesperson’s name.
  • Shipping information (method and delivery date).
  • Item information (SKU, description, quantity, price, etc.).
  • Price (subtotal, tax, fees, grand total and pricing disclaimers).
  • Customer note.
  • Signatures (salesperson, manager, client and other participants of the sale).
  • Approval/rejection of the order.

Types of Order Forms

Order forms vary based on the organization’s needs. Some common types of order forms are:

  • Single-item – Single-item forms are ideal for vendors who offer just one product or form of service. Since the seller, product and number of items are already known, this order form may only require fields for the buyer’s name, contact information and payment method.
  • Single-item with variations – If a product has various versions, subscription tiers or options to bundle additional services, a single-item order form may be expanded to include these options for the buyer to choose from.
  • Multiple products and choices – For a wide selection of options, a more comprehensive order form may be necessary. This type of form includes all items in the buyer’s cart as well as other necessary information.

Benefits of Custom Order  Forms

With a custom order form, companies can:

  • Clearly list products and services offered.
  • Create personalized forms that cater to different departments in the organization.
  • Allow customers to easily purchase products in bulk.
  • Include photos and descriptions of the products.
  • Brand the order form with business logo and address.
  • Set up a payment method.
  • Insert thank you and/or success message.
  • Save time and lower risk of error.
  • Gather customer feedback.
  • Use forms to negotiate business deals with private companies.

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