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How to Increase Lab Efficiency Using Custom Requisition Forms

by Tracy Flanagan on August 9, 2019

Under constant pressure to lower costs, diagnostic labs are implementing operational efficiencies to provide value.

For years, Diagnostic and Drug Testing Labs have utilized custom requisition forms that are overprinted with relevant information. These forms help the lab manage costs and add value for customers.

But the market is changing, and labs are challenging the dated custom req form process to find more effective ways to serve the growing needs of clients.

One such method is ExpressReqTM, a just-in-time and print-on-demand custom requisition form program. With ExpressReqTM, the lab prints exactly the number of forms they need, and receives the forms exactly when they need them. This eliminates the waste and inefficiency found in past processes.

What Are Print-on-Demand Custom Requisition Forms?

A requisition form (or req form) is a standard in the lab industry.

Req forms collect, record and document critical information for a test. It is the link between the doctor ordering the test, the lab running the test, and the patient. It is how labs communicate.Talk to the experts. Discover how qualified print services increase lab  efficiency.

These forms are also costly, in both time, and resources for the lab.

Custom requisition forms have traditionally been created and produced in a “pin-fed” format --which can take approximately 3-4 weeks to produce.  Depending on the lab market, many of these requisitions require test specific information to reflect the specific testing needs of a client.

Regardless of the market segment: Pathology, Pain Management, Workplace Drug Testing or Clinical Diagnostic lab – the pin-fed forms are typically overprinted at the lab.  This, in effect, is a two-step process which consumes a labs valuable resources of FTE’s, warehouse space and printer hardware and media.  

With print-on-demand custom req forms, you drastically reduce the turnaround time on printing, increasing the overall efficiency of the process,

Increasing Lab Efficiency with ExpressReqs and Just-In-Time Custom Requisition Forms

The biggest savings in creating a print-on-demand custom requisition program from a qualified lab print provider is eliminating the two step process – and moving to a more flexible and efficient one-step process – for the forms. Establishing an ExpressReqTM program provides flexibility and gives the lab the ability to generate completely customized requisitions in 24-48 hours.

Additional Benefits of Print-on-Demand Custom Requisition Forms

A lab will typically utilize quantity discounts to reduce print costs. By ordering more forms than they need, they maintain a low unit price but the overall print cost is much higher. Many times the forms aren’t utilized until 3 to 6 months after the requisitions have been paid for. Laboratories are managing through lengthy revenue cycles.   

In addition to the cost of the form itself, there are administrative costs often not accounted for; cost of money, storage, warehouse labor and content obsolesces. Over time, the forms can become damaged or outdated, and the lab absorbs the cost of forms that are thrown away. These hidden expenses accumulate, biting deep into the bottom line.

ExpressReqsTM, offers the same custom req form but eliminates the need for inventory.  Imagine a process where you are able to order the exact amount of custom reqs you need when you need it.  ExpressReqsTM provides the flexibility to meet client demands with fewer internal resources. The lab enjoys a lower cost per order and doesn’t pay for the storage of the extra forms. In addition to the cost savings, it’s a more efficient process for the lab.

Getting Started with Print-on-Demand Custom Requisition Forms

Not every print provider can deliver the level of service and expertise necessary for print-on-demand custom requisition forms.

Look for a qualified print provider with experience working with labs. They understand not only the print process, but also lab operations. That expertise is critical for delivering the service, accuracy, and efficiency necessary for just-in-time custom requisition forms.

If you want to know more, then contact GO2 Lab Media and ask about the ExpressReqs custom requisition forms program – a program designed around the requirements and needs of the lab.

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