The Top Trends in Packaging for 2023

by Brittany Harris on December 14, 2022
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It’s been said, “If you want to know the future, look at the past,” and the same can be said for packaging trends for the new year.  

A lot happened in 2022:  Inflation, war, and an increase in climate issues, just to name a few. Packaging trends for 2023 are sure to reflect some of the major events of this year.  

Packaging Trends for 2023 

Let’s take a look at the top seven trends in packaging for 2023.  


1. Premium Packaging

Premium packaging is upscale packaging that involves high-quality materials, colors and unique designs. When consumers like the product’s packaging, they’re more likely to remember the brand name, share it on social media, become repeat customers, and recommend the product to their friends. 

Companies are no longer content with keeping their original packaging and are becoming increasingly bold and experimental. Go through any store and you’ll see premium packaging of various colors, textures and shapes. Eye-catching packaging is crucial in helping products stand out in an already saturated market. 

This trend is sure to continue in the new year as companies continue to fight for the attention of consumers. 


2. Digital Printing

 Digital printing is a modern form of printing that makes prints from electronic files. It involves artwork being made on a computer and then printed directly on a material of your choice. The benefits of digital printing include:  
  • High quality — Color displays very well with no harsh lines. The quality is equally good throughout the whole batch of marketing materials.  
  • Quick turnaround — Fewer steps in the printing process mean the final product can be delivered quicker.  
  • Cost effective — Printing plates are not necessary, which means less investment on a single job. The price is usually offset by avoiding the cost of the technical steps involved in making printing plates. 
  • Customization options — Affordable customization options for letters, business cards and other marketing materials.  

More companies are going to be moving away from traditional printing and embracing digital printing for packaging. While there are often slightly higher costs, the flexibility and quality of digital printing make it the best option, especially for new projects in the new year. 


3. Bold Designs  

In 2023, bold is in.  

Bright palette design colors, wrap-around patterns, typographic scrawl, ’70s vintage, sticker book aesthetic, cartoons, mascot variations, whimsical figures, fake 3D graphic art, symbols and magic/ deceptive designs are all things we predict will dominate the coming year.  

Visual elements of packaging have a powerful influence on how likely consumers are to share the brand with friends and family. Take for example Crumbl Cookies. Its vibrant, pink-colored box is commonly shared throughout social media, but would a brown paper have the same effect? Probably not. To stay ahead of the game, develop a unique design that sets your company apart from others.  


4. Sustainability  

Sustainable packaging, also known as Earth-friendlier packaging, is that which is considered the least damaging to the environment. This packaging causes the least amount of pollution when it comes to manufacturing, production, shipping, and disposal or recycling.  

Paper materials use significantly less carbon during production, transportation, disposal, and recycling. This type of packaging makes consumers feel better about the type of packaging they use. 

As companies look to align their values with their customers and to be better citizens of the world, sustainability will continue to impact packaging decisions. 


5. Tactile Texture/Raw Materials  

Many companies that want to be identified as eco-friendly are leaning towards packaging that is bumpy or made from a more “natural” texture. It not only provides a “raw” visual to the consumer, but it can incorporate natural materials and help it stand out on a shelf crowded with competitors. 

In addition, sustainable packaging that is off-white and biodegradable will continue to be popular.  


6. Minimalism

 Less is more. 

That’s been the mantra for many businesses, and it will continue to be reflected in the packaging decisions in 2023. Minimalistic packaging looks simple and neat. Take Apple for example. The tech company’s product containers are known for their clean, white, and simple aesthetic.  This type of packaging will continue to be the preferred packaging for many in 2023. 


7. Customized Typography

Customized typography is unique fonts customized from the ground up for specific brands. These bespoke or custom-type designs are generally not available to the public.  

Many businesses are turning to customized typography to stand out from the competition. Utilizing a custom font on packaging provides a look that no other business has. These fonts are great for giving brands a look that is completely theirs and gives them a unique edge.  


A Better Option for Packaging and Label Services  

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